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The Tree and the Snowman February 12, 2006

Posted by misfire in Family.

No … not another one of Aesop’s fables. Just the two things to remember from the snow storm yesterday to today.

Here is the base of the tree that fell last night. It sounded like snow shifting on our roof or the like. We also felt some virbration from it. It fell straight across the street from the neighbor’s house towards our house/yard.
Tree Base

The city got someone out to move it in the middle of the night. So, in the morning, it looked like this …

Fallen Tree in the Morning
And last but not least … the obligatory snowman. We decided to go more Bob the builder than Calvin and Hobbes on this one.

Bob the Snowman



1. Grammy - February 16, 2006

Too bad about the Tree ;(

Quite a good looking Snowman and the “Builders” sure are CUTE !!!

2. willswords - February 23, 2006

Wow. A lot of snow up there. Indiana is pretty snow-less this year. Which is good for the commute, not so good for the snowmen. Your kids sure are growing up! Nice snowman!

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